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Improve Your Korean Comprehension by listening to media, following along, and looking up unknown words

I made this tool to help me (and you) get better at Korean.
You can get started by selecting an episode from the menu on the left.


  1. Select an episode from the menu on the left
  2. You'll see the transcript in Korean, and the audio will start playing automatically
  3. Use the controls at the top of the page to skip around in the audio. You can also use keyboard shortcuts. Hover over a control for a moment with your mouse to find out the keyboard shortcut for it.
  4. While listening, there will be words you don't know yet. Press or click on a word to highlight it in yellow, but keep listening.
  5. After listening, you'll want to define the words you didn't know. Click on any highlighted word again to bring up the Korean dictionary.
  6. You can write out a definition for any word in the box at the bottom of the dictionary pane
  7. Now when you mouse over a word you'll see a tip with your definition


  1. This doesn't work on mobile devices like phones and tablets yet (besides iPad in landscape mode). That's a huge priority and I'm working on it!
  2. If you click on any word in any transcript to highlight it, the same word will get highlighted all throughout the site, on every other transcript
  3. If you define a word on any transcript, your definition will also show up on the same word in every single transcript throughout the site.


-- Dima in Busan